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2014-2015 Academic Catalog 
2014-2015 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Steps to Register

  • Complete an online admissions application with official high school and college transcripts, test scores and immunization records.
  • Attend orientation (required for all new students),
  • Review program requirements in college catalog and read course descriptions.
  • Determine if a prerequisite or corequisite is necessary. A prerequisite means that specific course(s) or other requirements must be completed prior to registering for the course which lists the prerequisite. A corequisite means that the student must register for the additional course(s) at the same time of the course which lists the corequisite. Requirements are to be completed simultaneously.
  • Plan a tentative schedule that considers work and family obligations.
  • Students who have not declared a major should visit the Advising Center to review program requirements, discuss academic plans, and select classes.
  • Go online at my.southwest.tn.edu to create a schedule, choose class times and locations, then, register and pay for classes.
  • Consider your payment options. Students are not officially registered until the financial aid award is confirmed, all tuition is paid or payment arrangements have been made with the cashier’s office. Please see Fees and Charges , for payment options.

How to Access the College Portal, “My.Southwest”

Southwest has a real-time Web-based portal. Our site is called “My.Southwest” and can be found at https://my.southwest.tn.edu. Through this secure access information system, not only will you be able to access the current Student Self-Service system to register, pay fees, view grades, etc., but you will also have access to online learning, such as, PAWS (D2L) and other class information, calendar, chat, email, and much more – all with just one username and one password.

After you complete the admission process, you are ready to determine your username and password by following these steps:

  • Go to https://my.southwest.tn.edu (My.Southwest portal).
  • Find the “Create Username and Create Password” link on the left side of the screen under the login box or go to this URL (https://apps.southwest.tn.edu/request/password.aspx).
  • Enter your SSN or Student ID and last name.
  • Click ‘Change Password Lookup’.
  • The next page will display your username. Make note of this username as you will need it to log into the portal after you have set your password.
  • Enter your new password, twice.
  • Enter your birth date to validate this password change.
  • Click ‘Change Password.’
  • Use your username and password to log in at (https://my.southwest.tn.edu).


  • Do not save your password when using a computer on campus or any other public place.
  • When logging out of the portal, be sure to close the browser.
  • Protect your records by memorizing your username and password. Never share them with anyone other than Help Desk personnel when resolving a problem with your account. The Help Desk number is 333-HELP (4357).
  • Do not double-click within My.Southwest.

Schedule Changes

A student may change his or her original class schedule by adding, dropping or withdrawing from classes (see the Academic Calendar , for deadlines).


A student may add classes prior to the first day of class. Additional tuition and fees may be required.


A student may officially drop a class within the prescribed time as noted in the Academic Calendar. The date on which the student drops from the class will affect the amount of refund to which the student may be entitled. Classes dropped during the prescribed time do not appear on the student’s transcript. Students receiving financial aid should consult with a representative in the Financial Aid Office.


A student who officially withdraws within the prescribed time will receive a “W” on the transcript. If a student stops attending classes or fails to officially withdraw, a grade of “F” or “FA” will be assigned for each class. It is the student’s responsibility to officially withdraw. Withdrawing from a class may have an effect on financial aid. Therefore, students receiving financial aid should consult with a representative in the Financial Aid Office.

Auditing a Class

Students who do not wish to receive credit or a grade for a course may audit. Registration for audit (no credit) is limited to the late registration period and is based on the availability of space in the individual class. Students who audit courses pay the same fees as those enrolling for credit. Registration for audit can be changed to credit no later than the last day of late registration. Registration for credit cannot be changed to audit.

Class Cancellations

The College reserves the right to cancel courses due to insufficient class enrollment, lack of availability of qualified instructors, lack of appropriate facilities, or due to unforeseen circumstances.

A student who enrolls in a class that is later cancelled will have an opportunity to drop the cancelled class and add another open class in its place. This opportunity is available throughout the late registration period and the first week of school, as long as the class has not met.

Any fee amount due to the student resulting from the cancelled course will be mailed, and federal financial aid will be adjusted as required by regulations. Therefore, students receiving financial aid should consult with a representative in the Financial Aid Office to avoid possible repayment of funds.


Students should be prepared to pay when they register for or add classes. Southwest reserves the right to delete the enrollment of any student who has not paid the total amount due for courses and outstanding debts to the College.

Class Attendance

Students are expected to attend all classes as scheduled. Each instructor may determine how absences and tardiness will affect the student’s overall grade. This information is included on the course syllabus. Students are responsible for reading the course syllabus. Regardless of the reason or nature of the absence, students are responsible for the work covered by the instructor and for timely submission of all assignments. The instructor may, at his or her sole discretion, allow the student to hand in assignments late or make up work, quizzes, examinations or presentations missed.

A student who enrolls in a course and stops attending without officially withdrawing will be assigned an “FA” for that course at the end of the term. Attendance is monitored by each faculty member and is reported to both the Records and Financial Aid offices. Faculty must report  “no-shows” (students who never attend class) and the last date of attendance for any student who has been determined to have stopped attending class. Students receiving federal financial aid and/or veterans’ educational benefits may be required to repay such funds when classes are not properly attended (see Financial Aid Refund and Repayment ).