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2018-2019 Academic Catalog 
2018-2019 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Learning Support Programs

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Learning Support Mathematics
(901) 333-4474 • Fax (901) 333-4537

Learning Support Reading and Writing
(901) 333-5208 • Fax (901) 333-5212

The Learning Support Math Department and the Learning Support Reading and Writing Departments offer courses that prepare students for college-level courses. Based on ACT sub scores or COMPASS/ASSET test scores, some students may be required to enroll in these courses. Students may enroll in college-level courses while taking Learning Support courses but should select courses that do not require skills in which they are currently deficient.

The Learning Support Math and Writing Program at Southwest follows the A-100 Guidelines of the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR).


Placement into Learning Support Math (MATH 0100, MATH 0410, MATH 0530, MATH 0630 and MATH 0810), Learning Support Reading (READ 0810, READ 0811, READ 0812 and READ 0813) and Learning Support Writing (ENGL 0810) is based on the same guidelines for all Tennessee Board of Regents institutions. Students under 21 years of age are placed according to a valid ACT subscore in mathematics, reading and English. Students 21 years or older are most often placed according to their scores on an appropriate placement test. If valid ACT subscores are available, they can be used for placement.

If a student wants to challenge his or her initial placement, an alternative test is available. The challenge of placement in mathematics must be done before enrolling in the first LS course in the subject area. Contact the Testing Center at either the Macon Cove Campus, (901) 333-4170, or the Union Avenue Campus, (901) 333-5127, to make an appointment for the appropriate challenge test. A fee is charged for the test. For additional information regarding Learning Support Math placement, contact the Mathematics Department, (901) 333-4474. For additional information regarding Learning Support Reading or Writing  placement, contact the Languages and Literature Department, (901) 333-5208.

Class Attendance

Students in Learning Support courses are expected to attend every scheduled class regularly and punctually. If an illness or emergency results in an absence, the responsibility for determining the extent of what has been missed and for making up all assigned work rests with the student. Absences may adversely affect the course grade or may result in a grade of “F” for the course.


Minimum standards for successful completion of Learning Support courses will be a grade of “P.” All credit hours earned in courses designated as Learning Support will be in addition to the hours required for degrees or certificates.

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