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2021-2022 Academic Catalog 
2021-2022 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Mid-Management, A.A.S.

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Vicki Armstrong • (901) 333-4293

The Mid-Management program is designed for students who have at least five years of supervisory work experience. The curriculum builds on this work experience by awarding academic credit for both this experience and nontraditional schooling. The remaining degree hours are drawn from general studies and business courses.

Interested students need to contact the department chair who will assign an appropriate advisor/mentor.  The mentor will guide the interested student in determining if they qualify for this program.  Qualified students will need to document their learning with a portfolio which will be evaluated by appropriate faculty members, the Chair and the Dean.  No credit will be awarded until the successful completion and assessment of the Portfolio.

At a minimum, the Portfolio will include:

  • A reflection essay in which the student describes what they did, what they learned and how they applied their knowledge; and
  • Previously approved documented and verifiable evidence from a variety of sources that supports the student’s claim to college level learning.

The completed Portfolio must be submitted two (2) semesters before the student’s plan to graduate.  Simply submitting a portfolio is not a guarantee that credit will be awarded.  Documentation is the key element to verify the educational value of prior experiential learning.  The assessment of the portfolio by faculty, chair and dean measures this learning and helps to demonstrate competence.  The portfolio must demonstrate what is learned, how it was learned and how the student applied that learning.

I. Management Evaluation: 18 Semester Hours

Management Evaluation will be awarded via an appraisal of documented work experience and non-traditional school as described in sections A and B below.

A. Non-Traditional Schooling: 6 Semester Hours

BUSN 2910 Non-Traditional Schooling

This requirement may be completed through any combination of the following means as long as a minimum of 6 semester credit hours is achieved: CLEP examination, USAFI course or test, military service schools, cooperative education, industrial courses, previous professional training, college transfer credit related to management or supervision, additional ACCT, MGMT, ECON, ISDS, MKGT, or FINR courses offered at Southwest, or some of the special course offered by the Corporate Training & Continuing Education Department.


B. Work Experience: 12 Semester Hours

BUSN 2905 Mid Management Specialty Work Experience

To receive work experience credit a student must have served in a supervisory or managerial position for no less than five years. The first three years of experience are considered to be an Apprenticeship. The final two years are considered for award of academic credit. Six credit hours may be awarded for each year (of the final two) of documented supervisory work experience. Students must satisfy this 12-hour requirement prior to graduation. 

Portfolio Assessment cannot be used for courses that duplicate credits you already have.


II. Professional Management Courses: 27 Credits

III. General Education Requirements: 15 Credits

Total Program Credits: 60

This program of study is designed as a terminal degree for a specific career field.

1 Credit awarded for work experience and nontraditional education must be approved by the Business and Legal Studies Department Chairperson and the division Dean.

2Students shall select a combination of six courses from the below categories and must select one course from at least four different categories.

Category 1: Accounting- Any ACCT course not currently required in the degree;

Category 2: Economics- BUSN 1304, BUSN 1306, BUSN 1308;

Category 3: Finance- BUSN 2321, BUSN 2320, BUSN 1300, BUSN 2370, BUSN 2324;

Category 4: Information Sciences/Decisional Sciences- BUSN 2310, BUSN 2319;

Category 5: Management- BUSN 1305, BUSN 1315,BUSN 1330, BUSN 1307, BUSN 2385, BUSN 2330, BUSN 2336, BUSN 1340, BUSN 2300  BUSN 2332, BUSN 2334, BUSN 2340, BUSN 2350, BUSN 2352, BUSN 2354, BUSN 2360;

Category 6: Marketing- BUSN 2380, BUSN 2382, BUSN 2384, BUSN 2386.

3 Review General Education pages and/or consult advisor for correct selection.

Note: Cooperative Education courses are available for this major.

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