Dec 01, 2020  
2017 - 2018 Academic Catalog 
2017 - 2018 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Electrical Engineering Technology, Electrical Design Concentration, A.A.S.

Accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET,
Garry Spencer • (901) 333-4288

The Electrical Concentration of the Electrical Engineering Technology degree program places emphasis on commercial and industrial electromechanical devices, control systems, and the training of engineering technicians. The areas of study include high tech equipment and software such as electronic instrumentation, personal computer (PC) applications, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), industrial networks, Internet applications and research, electro-mechanical devices, digital circuit design, microcontrollers, and open/closed loop control systems. Graduates can find a variety of employment opportunities in the areas of electrical design, development, standards testing, manufacturing, maintenance, warehousing and distribution, and material handling, and technical sales.

Fourth Semester: 15 Credits

Total Program Credits: 61

This program of study is designed as a terminal degree for a specific career field.

1 Technical Elective to be selected by the student in consultation with advisor.

Some recommended (but not required) options are: ENTC 1114 , ETEC 2302 , CENT 1320 , CITC 1320 ,PHYS 2020 .

Please note that Technical Electives with more than 3 credit hours are acceptable.

2 Review General Education pages and/or consult advisor for correct selection.

Note: Cooperative Education courses are available for this major.