Aug 08, 2020  
2017 - 2018 Academic Catalog 
2017 - 2018 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Mathematics Emphasis, A.S.

First Semester: 16 Credits

Second Semester: 14 Credits

Third Semester: 14 Credits

Fourth Semester: 16 Credits

  • History 3 Credit Hour(s) (Gen. Ed.) 1
  • MATH 2010 Linear Algebra 3 Credit Hour(s)
  • Humanities/Fine Arts 3 Credit Hour(s) (Gen. Ed.) 1

Total Program Credits: 60

Contact Tamara McColgan, (901) 333-4474, for college-parallel area of emphasis advising and transfer information. Students should check course recommendations with the college or university to which they intend to transfer for a baccalaureate degree. The receiving institution always makes the final decision about transferability of credits.

1 Review General Education pages and/or consult advisor for correct selection. Students who wish to pursue a concentration in actuarial science available at the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga; Middle Tennessee State University; or Tennessee State University should complete ECON 2010  and ECON 2020  to fulfill the requirement in Social/Behavioral Sciences.