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2023-2024 Academic Catalog 
2023-2024 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Philosophy Emphasis, A.S.

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Brad Cliff • (901) 333-4115

Philosophy emphasizes critical thinking about fundamental human questions in the context of the history of thought. It encourages reflection on such concepts as truth, goodness, and beauty and their applicability in a changing world.

First Semester: 16 Credits

Second Semester: 15 Credits

Third Semester: 13 Credits

Fourth Semester: 16 Credits

  • History 3 Credit Hour(s) (Gen. Ed.) 1
  • Natural Sciences 4 Credit Hour(s) (Gen. Ed.) 1
  • Elective 3 Credit Hour(s) 2
  • Elective 3 Credit Hour(s) 2
  • Elective 3 Credit Hour(s) 2

Total Program Credits: 60

Contact Brad Cliff, (901) 333-4115, for college-parallel area of emphasis advising and transfer information. Students should check course recommendations with the college or university to which they intend to transfer for a baccalaureate degree. The receiving institution always makes the final decision about transferability of credits.

1 Review General Education pages and/or consult advisor for correct selection.

2 Suggested Electives (See below)

Suggested Electives:

The following suggested courses are helpful in this area of emphasis; however, students may choose other courses in consultation with their advisors.

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