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2024-2025 Academic Catalog 
2024-2025 Academic Catalog

Payment Information

Bursar’s Office

(901) 333-5292 

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and other applicable fees are payable at the time of registration each semester and are to be paid using one of the payment methods listed below. Tuition and fees are subject to change by policy of the Tennessee Board of Regents. Any change to tuition and fees will be updated on the website at https://www.southwest.tn.edu/financial-and-administrative-services/bursars-office/index.php.

The definition of resident and non-resident established by the Tennessee Board of Regents will apply in determining fees and tuition. Check with the Records Office for residency classification.

Payment Methods

Payments may be made in person at the Cashier’s Office on the Macon Cove campus using cash, money order, cashier’s check, personal check, debit or credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express).

Online payments (my.southwest.tn.edu) may be paid by check, debit or credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express).

Deferred Payment Plan

Available for fall and spring semesters only

Southwest offers a deferred payment plan which allow students to make an initial payment of one-half of their tuition and fees and defer the remaining balance until later in the semester. To participate, a student must be enrolled in at least three (3) credits during a fall or spring semester.


  • A student must first enroll in credit classes or TN eCampus courses.
  • Next, sign the deferred payment plan contract online at (my.southwest.tn.edu) or at the Cashier’s office on the Macon Cove campus.


  • Pay a $10 non-refundable service fee.
  • Pay 50% of eligible charges.
  • Pay remaining balance in two equal installments on established due dates within the term.
  • A $25 late charge will be assessed for each fee payment not posted by the due date under the Deferred Payment Plan. Postmark dates are not honored.
  • Financial aid or scholarships cannot be substituted for the 50% deferred payment deposit.

TN eCampus Courses

Tuition and fees for TN eCampus courses are in addition to charges assessed for regular credit courses. There is no per credit hour maximum limit for these courses. Students enrolling in TN eCampus courses are eligible to participate in the Deferred Payment Plan. Elderly/disabled students enrolling in TN eCampus courses will be assessed charges and fees per home institution in addition to regular credit courses.

Sponsored Payments

Payment Authorizations from third party sponsors (Corporate and Non-Profit Employers, State, Local and Federal Government Agencies) must be submitted at the time of payment. Fee Waivers (State and Local Government Employees) must be submitted before the published deadline date. For dates, go to www.southwest.tn.edu/financial-and-adminstrative-services/bursars-office/.

Audited Courses

Students may audit credit courses. They must only register for these courses during late registration and are assessed the same fees as those enrolling for course credit. (See also, Senior Citizens or Students with Disabilities Charges.)

Non-Credit Courses

Fees for non-credit courses which include seminars, workshops, and Continuing Education Unit (CEU) classes are established individually for each class, and are due at the time of registration. Registration for non-credit courses are managed through the Corporate Training and Continuing Education Department. For additional information go to www.southwest.tn.edu/ce.

Senior Citizens or Students with Disabilities Charges

A Tennessee resident 60 years of age or older or a permanently disabled Tennessee resident may audit courses without paying any tuition. However, the student will be assessed a $15 international educational fee, and a $17 campus access fee. Tuition for TN eCampus courses will be waived; however, online fees are not waived and are assessed per home institution under this waiver program. Students meeting these criteria must register during late registration.

A Tennessee resident 65 years of age or older, or a permanently disabled resident may take classes for credit at a reduced charge of fifty percent (50%) per credit hour with a maximum of $70 including a $15 international educational fee, and a $17 campus access fee. Elderly/disabled students enrolling in TN eCampus courses will be assessed separate tuition per home institution in addition to regular credit courses. These fees can exceed $70. Online fees for TN eCampus courses are not reduced under this waiver program and are assessed per institution. Students meeting these criteria can register for classes no earlier than four (4) weeks prior to the first day of the semester. For dates, go to www.southwest.tn.edu/financial-and-adminstrative-services/bursars-office/.

To receive this discount, senior citizens must verify their birth date with their driver’s license or birth certificate. In accordance with the Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 49- 3251: Prior to admittance, the university or college involved may require an affidavit or certificate from a physician or an agency charged with compensating the disabled person or adjudicating the permanent total disability of the person who is requesting admittance to classes, that such a person is permanently disabled as set forth herein.

Each term, a form must be completed and submitted to the Cashier’s Office by the last day of the 75% refund period. For dates each term, go to www.southwest.tn.edu/financial-and-administrative-services/bursars-office/. The form can be obtained in the Admissions and/or Records Offices. Reduced rates cannot be retroactive to prior terms.

Enrollment without full payment of the registration fee will be subject to the availability of space in the class. Tuition and fees are subject to change by policy of the Tennessee Board of Regents.

Additional Fees and Charges (2023-24)

Fees and tuition are subject to change by policy of the Tennessee Board of Regents.

*Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

ACT Residual*   $35
ACCUPLACER (retesting)   $20
Allied Health Program Fees*    
  Malpractice Insurance (EMT/Paramedic) $49.70/year
  Malpractice Insurance (Allied Health programs and Nursing) $11.90/year
  Health Occupation Aptitude Exam (HOAE) $25
  Paramedic Pre-Exam $25
  TABE Test $10
  Program Fee $40 per credit hour
Campus Access Fee (per semester to help cover the maintenance of facilities) $17
Child Care Center Fee (see Center for fee information) -
CLEP Test Fees*    
  CLEP Registration Fee $25
  CLEP Test Fee (due at time of test) $89
Correspondence Exam* (non-student) $15 per hour
Credit by Exam Fee*
A $15 non-refundable fee is assessed in addition to regular
per semester hour rate for each examination.
However, the tution charges for any one term shall not exceed the full-time rate.
Deferred Payment Plan Service Fee*   $10
Deferred Payment Plan Late Charge*   $25
GED Test Fees*    
  Entire GED Battery $55
  Per part $11
  Duplicate copy of GED results $5
ID Replacement Card* The initial student identification (ID) card is issued at no charge. However, there is a fee for a replacement card. $5
International Education Fee (per semester, supports international studies program) $15
Laboratory Fees    
  Food Preparation $35
  Foundations of Nursing $15
  Adult Health Nursing I $15
  Nursing of Childbearing Family $15
  Nursing of Children $15
  Adult Health Nursing II $15
  Quantity Cookery $40
  Catering/Special Food Services $40
Late Registration Fee*   $10
Music Fees for Individual 30-minute Lessons    
  One per week $45
  Two per week $55
  Two per week (different media) $60
Nursing Program Fees*    
  Criminal Background Checks $56-80
  Nursing Student Government Association $40 per year
  Nursing Preadmission Exam $70
  Malpractice Insurance Charge $11.90 per year
  Proficiency and Exit Exams $35 per semester
  Drug Screening $40 per test
  Program Fee $20 per credit hour
Processing Fee (International students; one-time fee) $30
Returned Check Charge* The student will be withdrawn from school if the check is not redeemed and the $30 penalty fee paid (in cash) within 10 days. $30
Student Activity Fee Funds (broad-based student activities per semester) $15
Technology Access Fee (not to exceed $116 per semester) $18 per credit hour




Library Fines

Overdue Fines

$1 per item ($1 maximum) books and periodicals
$1 per day ($10 maximum) audio music and sound recordings
$2 per day ($12 maximum) videocassettes and DVDs
$1 per hour ($40 maximum) reserve materials
$1 per day ($12 maximum) slides

Lost or Damaged Items

All items 60 days overdue are considered lost.

  • Lost or damaged books, periodicals, audio cassettes, compact discs, videocassettes, slides, and reserve materials will be assessed at the current cost to replace the item, plus a $10 processing fee.
  • Replacement cost for a missing bar code will be $1.25.
  • Replacement cost for a damaged cassette case will be $3.
  • Replacement cost for a missing CD case will be $2.50.

A student who wishes to contest any library fine should complete the Student Appeal Refund form and submit it to the Director of Library Services.

Refund Policy

Students may receive a 100 percent, 75 percent, 25 percent or 0 percent refund when officially withdrawing from classes depending upon the dates of withdrawal. For specific dates pertaining to each term, see the Academic Calendar.

  • A student will receive 100 percent of all refundable registration fees before the first day of the term. In addition, 100 percent refund will be provided to students if any of the following occurs:
    • canceled classes
    • deceased during the term
    • receive administrative withdrawal from classes
    • documented active military duty in excess of 30 days
  • Beginning the first day of the term through the 14th calendar day, only 75 percent of maintenance charges, out-of-state tuition and technology fees will be refunded.
  • From the 15th day through the 25th calendar day, only 25 percent of maintenance charges, out-of-state tuition and technology access fees will be refunded.
  • No refund will be provided to students who withdraw after the 25 percent refund period.
  • For terms which are less than 15 weeks, the 75/25 percent refund provision will be adjusted accordingly.

Refunds are calculated based on the actual per credit hour cost, not the assessed rate. For this reason some withdrawals and drops will not yield a refund credit.

Students enrolled in less than 12 credit hours and officially drop or withdraw during the refund period may receive a refund. Students enrolled in more than 12 credit hours have a different fee assessment; therefore, dropping or withdrawing from classes during either the 75 or 25 percent refund period may or may not result in a refund.

All refunds are processed in the form of an electronic refund or check unless tuition is paid by credit card, then the refund will be credited to the credit card. The refunding process begins after the 14th calendar day of each term. All tuition check payments are subject to a two-week waiting period before the refund will be processed.

Refunds for Non-Credit Courses

Refunds for non-credit courses are managed through the Corporate Training & Continuing Education Department. For additional information go to (www.southwest.tn.edu/ce).

Appeal Procedures for Fees and Refunds

A student may appeal the assessment, application, calculation or interpretation of any College fee, charge, deposit, refund, or any action by the College connected with fees and charges. Questions should be directed to personnel in the Cashier’s Office. If a student is not satisfied with the resolution made by the Cashier’s Office, a written appeal must be submitted on a Student Appeal Refund form available online. Further appeals may be made to the Deputy Chief Financial Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and then to the President of the College.

Financial Obligations

Students may not register, graduate, request transcripts or grade reports until all financial obligations (including tuition and fees, returned check charges, library fines, and traffic fines) are paid to the College. (Tennessee Code Annotated 49-9-108)

Textbook Opt-Out

Southwest offers IncludED, a textbook program, to our students in an effort to provide affordable and timely delivery of all textbooks and resources for their coursework without any additional out of pocket expense. Courses that use the IncludED program are noted in the course schedule. In accordance with federal regulations, effective July 1, 2016,

Southwest established a policy under which students may opt-out of the IncludED program. If you want to opt-out, please notify your instructor for instructions or visit https://www.southwest.tn.edu/bookstore/digital-engagement-initiative.php​